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  • March 2nd, Tuesday (2021)

    Maths (no). In the lesson: Hometask: WB p. 66 Grammar: Ex.1 ,2, 3 WB p. 66 Vocabulary Ex.1 Repeat: zero and first conditional Voluenteer 1: https://puzzle-english.com/exercise/conditionals1-1 Voluenteer 2: https://puzzle-english.com/exercise/conditionals1-2 Voluenteer 3: https://puzzle-english.com/exercise/conditionals1-3 Game – heads up, heads down New words: horseshoe clover (four-leaf) SB p.93 Ex.1: What can you see? Listen to CD 2.19 answer […]

    February 19th, Friday (2021)

    Present simple passive Informal letter In the lesson: Homework: WB p. 60: Ex. 1,2,4 WB p. 61: Ex.3 The song – Angels (the last attempt!) Hangman – for the best! Past simple passive: In Russian: -ны (-но, -ен): сделаны, сделан –ют (-ет, -ят): их делают, их производят –ются (- ется): делаются, используется Translate: Mobile apps […]