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  • November 22nd, 2019 (Friday)

    The present.

    Present - дарим подарок уважаемому вождю

    Сделали на уроке:

    • Проверка домашнего задания:
      • WB, p.25 Ex.2, my own text about trip to space, read aloud (new words: space, spacesuit, spaceship, gravity-free, dried food, at all (only in negative), make photoes, far-far away):
        • First, I had to go out into the space.
          But before that I had to put on the spacesuit.
          It was very nice and beautiful to see the evening Earth from space and I had to make several photos. Then I had to look at the stars and they were far-far away from Earth. To get back the the spaceship I had to swin in the gravity free. What else did have to to in the spaceship? Of course, I had to eat dried food and I did not like that at all.
      • team 1: WB p.25 Ex. 1 — письменно
        team 1: WB p.25 Ex. 2 — письменно (4-5 предложений), можно использовать следующие фразы:
        to put on the spacesuit
        to make photos of Earth
        to look at the stars
        to swim in the gravity-free
        to eat dried food
        to control the spaceship
        team 2: WB p.25 Ex. 1 — письменно
        Team 1,2: петь песню Up on the housetop
    • New topic – The present in the jungle.
    • Warm-up:
      • write on the board three names: Alex, Phoebe, Patrick
      • What can you remember about them from the previous units (one by one)?
        • science lab
        • Mr.Davis
        • wrong experiment with the brick
        • the explosion
        • the bright gate
        • the past: Pompeii
        • the present: rainforest
    • SB. p.26 Ex.1, look at the pictures and answer the qustions from SB.
    • Minigame – Dad is calling me!
    • SB, p.26 Ex.2 – Look at the telly, Repeat the reading after me. Mark the translation for marked words in your SB (key words are marked on the telly)
      • then answer the questions:
        • Why did the friends look for a village?
        • Why did they climb the tree?
        • What was the old man holding?
        • What present did Alex give to the old man? Why?
    • Music – Up on the housetop:
    • Listen to CD 1 36, then:
      • Take on paragraph of the text
      • Take the key words (or any other)
      • Make two sentences (or more if you like), do not make notes. Team 2 – make notes or write the sentences
      • Tell us your sentences
    • New emotions:
      • happy
      • scared
      • hungry
      • nervous
      • excited (!!!)


    • Listen to CD 1 36, and read the text on SB p.26 The present
    • Team 1: WB p. 26 – Ex.1,2,3 (письменно)
    • Team 2: WB p.26 Ex.2 (письменно)

    Знакомство с джунглями (или rainforest)


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