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  • November 22nd, 2019 (Friday)

    To give a good talk.

    Give a talk - выступать

    At the lesson:

    • progress test (Unit 3,4) – 20 mins
    • New topic – to give a talk. Let’s discuss:
      • Is giving a talk – as easy task or a difficult one?
      • Do you like to give a talk at school?
      • Where else do you like to give a talk?
    • Some new words and phrases (learn by heart):
      • a tip (or good advice)
      • to communicate
      • audience
      • the longest section
      • talk ends badly
      • to practise
      • without notes
      • talk less quickly than usual
      • look around the room
      • remember the ending the best
    • SB p. 32, Ex.2 – read some tips for giving a good talk in English, write the titles, then:
      • Answer – which tip is the most useful for you?
      • Some more tips, read:
        • Learn a new word every day.
          Only speak English in lessons.
          Find an English-speaking friend on Facebook.
          Sing English songs in the shower.
          Buy some easy readers.
          Practise pronunciation in front of a mirror.
    • New song – Depeche Mode – Enjoy the silence
    • SB, Ex.3 – match the heading with the paragraphs from Ex.2, answer the questions:
      • How many headings are there? (7),
      •  How many paragraphs? (7).
      •  What are you going to do? (match them) Demonstrate the strategy with the first heading, a. Ask
      • Can you find a tip where there is a word meaning ‘not much’? (less in tip 2)
    • Ex.4, read adverbs, put the letter:
      • a – simple
      • b – comparative
      • c – superalative


    • LMS Unit 5 School:
      • Grammar
      • Vocabulary
    • Учить: Depeche Mode – Enjoy the silence

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