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    The rivers, Geography.

    Река Колорадо и Большой Каньон

    At the lesson:

    • checking the homework:
      • SB p.27 — write ONE paragraph about your home in the exercise book
      • listen to CD 1 16, 17 ,18
    • Warm-up: on the board write 2 words for:
      • Ball games
      • Unhealthy food
      • Rivers
      • Interesting jobs
      • American state
      • compare, discuss the rivers and the most interesting jobs
    • Topic – The rivers:
      • they go downhill (but they don’t take the direct path)
      • from the source
      • to the mouth
      • new words:
        • to flow
        • steep (o к a steep)
        • a bed, a bank (or riverbank)
        • to erode
        • from the V-shaped valley
        • fast flowing rivers (slow flowing rivers)
        • to form
        • energy
        • flatter land (flat land)
        • curves or meanders
        • sediment
        • to cover the land
        • a flood plain (not a flood)
        • five storey building
    • Mini-game: find the river (come to the TV)
    • SB p. 28 Ex.1 – read the names
    • match the pictures and the rivers’ names,then listen:
      • a Yangtse This river is in China. [It is about 6,300 km long, the
        third longest in the world. A third of China’s population live on
        the land around the river (the Yangtse River Basin).]
        b Amazon This river is in South America. [It begins in Peru
        and flows east into the Atlantic Ocean. Most of it is in Brazil.
        It is the largest river in the world (quantity of water) and the
        second longest. It is about 6,400 km long. It is between 1.6
        and 10 km wide but in the wet season parts of it can be
        as much as 190 km wide. There are no bridges across the
        Amazon because most of it is in the rainforest, where there
        are no roads or cities.]
        c Nile This river is in Africa. [It is about 6,650 km long and is
        believed to be the longest river in the world. It begins from
        Lake Victoria in Uganda and ends in Egypt. The Egyptians
        built the Pyramids close to the Nile because they had to bring
        the huge stones down the river from Aswan. About half of
        Egypt’s population live in the Nile Delta region.]
        d Volga This river is in Russia. [It is about 3,700 km long,
        the longest river in Europe. It begins in hills between St
        Petersburg and Moscow and flows into the Caspian Sea.
        About half of Russia’s biggest cities are on or near the Volga.
        In some places it is so wide you cannot see the other side.
        Sturgeon fish (from which we get caviar) live in the Volga.]
    • Ex. 2, where you were, two rivers (reporters: turn to each other: one ask, the other answer):
      • Where is it?
      • Is it a long river?
      • Is it famous for anything?
      • Have you seen it?
    • Ex. 3 – show the bed, the bank, Read Ex.3 and write the answers
    • Ex.4 – read
    • Ex. 5 – write
    • Mini-break: song
    • Ex. 6 – read and match (remember new words)
    • Ex. 7 – read
    • Ex. 7 – reporter task (one asks, the other answers the question)


    • learn by heart all new words in red
    • progress test: Re-read Unit 3, 4 (new words), prepare for the progress test
    • online: all LMS online tasks for Unit 4 – end them up!

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