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    March 9th, Tuesday (2021)

    Skills and talents. In the lesson: Hometask: New words (team): minigame – write on the board SB p. 95 – Project (written) “I’m selling …”: at least 10 sentences: what is your product (choose from the box or give your own) description price size, weight, color etc. why it is good or nice or tasty Today’s topic: […]

    March 5th, Friday (2021)

    Maths. In the lesson: Hometask: WB p. 66: Ex. 4, 5 WB p. 67: Ex.2 WB p. 67 Listening: Ex.1 New song – Mama (translate into Russian) – new list! What is the date today? Today’s topic – Maths The mini-task (group): measurements on the board and brainstorm a list of measurements (for example, metre, litre, […]

    March 2nd, Tuesday (2021)

    Maths (no). In the lesson: Hometask: WB p. 66 Grammar: Ex.1 ,2, 3 WB p. 66 Vocabulary Ex.1 Repeat: zero and first conditional Voluenteer 1: https://puzzle-english.com/exercise/conditionals1-1 Voluenteer 2: https://puzzle-english.com/exercise/conditionals1-2 Voluenteer 3: https://puzzle-english.com/exercise/conditionals1-3 Game – heads up, heads down New words: horseshoe clover (four-leaf) SB p.93 Ex.1: What can you see? Listen to CD 2.19 answer […]

    February 26th, Friday (2021)

    Zero conditional. In the lesson: Hometask: Vocabulary: WB p. 64 Ex. 1,2,3,4 New words! Condition – условие, conditional – условный Zero (always true). Sure, 100% true, fact. Read and translate: If you eat healthy food, you feel good. Comma You feel good if you eat healthy food. No Comma If you get plenty of sleep, you […]

    February 23rd, Tuesday (2021)

    Wish luck. In the lesson: Hometask: PS 4 – Angels (Robbie Williams) SB p. 152 Ex.2 WB p. 62 Ex. 1,2 WB p. 63 Ex. 1,2 (Vocabulary) Passive voice repetition (for candy – for the best): https://puzzle-english.com/video/gameshow_pastprespassives New topic – Wish me luck! What does that mean? Draw on the whiteboard the grid: Good luck […]