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    Наши последние новости, публикуемые материалы, события и наши достижения. Подпишитесь на наши новости, следите за нами в социальных сетях и оставайтесь всегда в курсе.

    May 28th, Friday (2021)

    Talents. In the lesson: table off. – Introduction PS 4 dance (one dance) Congratulations! The results of the year! You can speak English – our new invited guest is Marina, she is from Russia Questions: / she / to speak / English / how / ? / to advice / what / to improve / […]

    May 28th, Friday (2021)

    Grammar. In the lesson. Guess the place! I describe the place You need to ask me! Hometask: Each show us the photo, we need to guess the place Tell us about the place We ask Personal question – What place would you like to visit? PS 4 songs – 3 songs SB p. 118 Ex.5: […]

    2020-2021 Results, O3 group

    Учебный год 2020-2021 подходит к концу. Мы были очень рады видеть всех учеников на наших занятиях. Курс был очень непростой, но очень интересный и насыщенный. Наши основные достижения: Словарный запас повышен более чем на 500 слов! Выучено 14 новых песен, это много. Пройдена сложная грамматика из разряда Zero conditional, First conditional, Second conditional, Reported speech. […]

    May 25th, Tuesday (2021)

    Review 5. In the lesson: PS 4 song  Hometask: The essay about the most astonishing view you have ever seen in your life New words: flying suite jet Jetman Describe the clip (for points): SB p. 118 Ex.1 (ind.): Read Cross the one word out (odd one) 1 d 2 b 3 c 4 b Ex.2 […]

    May 11th, Tuesday (2021)

    Eye. In the lesson: Hometask – new words PS 4 song! Minigame: hangman Minigame: draw, guess, next! SB p. 117: read the box “key words” read the text one-by-one The task: write two more questions about the text, which they then test the rest of the class on. SB p. 116 Ex.5 (team work!): read […]