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    September 28th, Tuesday (2021)

    Fun and games. In the lesson: HW: SB p. 148: Ex.2 WB p. 10: Ex. 3,4 WB p. 11: Ex.2 Learn the song “Personal Jesus” by heart! Today’s topic – Fun and games Eddie the Eagle (16+) – recommend to watch! With Hew Jackman Questions: What is this movie about ? Whom does the Eddie want […]

    September 24th, Friday (2021)

    Shopping in London! In the lesson: HW: SB p. 148: Ex. 1 WB p.10: Ex.2 WB p. 11: Vocabulary Ex.1 Listening Ex.3 The topic for today – Shopping in London! The task: write down the name of the place and what can you purchase there New words: Stalls – палатки Pedestrian – пешеход Trendy – […]

    September 21st, Tuesday (2021)

    Online friendship. In the lesson: HW: Vocabulary! Quiz is gonna be (+ new words from the lesson) SB p. 141 test Teddy Bear + chum pal caring cruel confident to hang out gesture to find out to hug WB p. 8: Ex. 1,2 WB p.9: Read the text Ex. 3 Tongue twister (Yulia): How much wood […]

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    September 17th, Friday (2021)

    The best friends. In the lesson: HW: SB p. 147: Practice Ex.1,3 WB p.7: read the text Ex. 2 Learn by heart (gonna check it!): Tongue twister: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? He would chuck, he would, as much as he could, and chuck as much wood […]