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    December 1st, Tuesday (2020)

    Going away. In the lesson: Hometask: WB p. 31: Vocabulary Ex.2 Writing Ex.2, 4, 5 (in 5 you need to write your own rules!) Rudimental – These days (PS4) Today’s topic – Going away (team work) Write Going away on the board and brainstorm reasons why people travel, e.g. to visit friends and family, go […]

    November 27th, Friday (2020)

    Must, have to, should. In the lesson: Hometask check: WB p. 30 Ex. 1,2,4 WB p. 31 Vocabulary Ex.1 WB p. 31 Writing Ex. 1,3 Grammar: must, have to, should: Volunteer 1: http://digitalcampus.free.fr/Level2/Unit24/SubUnit242/QCMChooseBest01.jqz.htm Break – Hangman SB p. 144 – should, shouldn’t SB p .144 Ex.1 Ex.2 Break – what’s in the box? SB p. 45: read […]

    November 24th, Tuesday (2020)

    Grammar and informal letter. In the lesson: hometask: New phrasal verbs and expressions WB p. 28: Ex.1,2,3 WB p. 29: Ex.4 (read the text and answer) SB p. 44 Ex.1: Must and have to (present and past!): rules (present and past) is not allowed (present and past) read the sentences, translate Grammar: must and should: […]

    November 20th, Friday (2020)

    Getting on (friendship). work in groups! In the lesson: Hometask check: learn the song “These days – Rudimental” by heart PS 4 new words – by heart (test) WB p. 27: Vocabulary Ex. 1,2 Listening Ex.1 the winner – the hangman leader Hangman Warm-up: Write Relationships on the board and elicit its meaning (the way two […]

    November 17th, Tuesday (2020)

    Culture. Meeting and greeting. In the lesson: Homework check: https://puzzle-english.com/music/rudimental/these-days SB p. 143 Ex.3 WB p.26: Ex. 1,2,3,4,5 SB p.40 Ex.1: Look at the quiz and countries in green answer the questions Ex.2: work in groups read the quiz try to guess the answers (I write them on the board) Ex.3: listen to CD 1.23 […]