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  • January 17th, 2020 (Friday)

    The birth and death of stars.

    In the lesson:

    • Minigame: take one letter to form the other word:
      • bring, flour, ground, hear, live, pair, train, planet, show, team
      • (b)ring, f(l)our, (g)round, (h)ear, li(v)e, (p)air, (t)rain, plane(t), (s)how, tea(m).
    • the topic
    • Books closed, listen:
      • The largest natural unit is the Universe, which is practically infinite. The Universe contains galaxies, which in turn contain planets and stars. Basically, stars are much bigger than planets and planets go round them, so our Earth (a planet) goes round the Sun (a star). The Milky Way is the galaxy that contains the planets and bodies which go around our Sun (the Solar System).
    • and answer the questions
      • What’s the name of the place where we live? (Earth)
      • Is it a star or a planet? (a planet)
      • Is the sun a planet? (no, a star)
      • Drop something on the floor and ask Why does it fall? (because of gravity)
    • SB p.50 Ex.1
      • 1 universe 2 star 3 Gravity 4 planet 5 moon 6 space 7 explosion 8 galaxy
    • Read the text p. 51 (ONE student)
    • SB p.50 Ex.2
      • 1 There are about 100 billion stars in our galaxy.
        2 Stars are born in clouds called nebulas.
        3 Stars can be blue, white, yellow, orange or red.
        4 When small stars die, first they get bigger and hotter, then
        they lose their gas and become white dwarfs. Large stars end
        in a supern big explosionova, w
    • Read the text again
    • Ex.3
    • song – Leave a light on
    • PS4 – sing the songs


    • LMS – Unit 8 – finish (writing)
    • Progress test – repeat Unit 7,8
    • The song – Leave a light on


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