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    Группа E4 на 24.09.2019 вторник

    На уроке Explosion:

    1. Test tubes
      Green liquid, red and yellow liquid, a lot of test tubes

      Проверяем домашнее задание – за каждое верно выполненное задание – смайлик и подпись! Верное домашнее задание – на ТВ.

    2. Warm-up:
      1. What happened at the end of the first experiment? — brick purple
      2. What happened at the end of the second experiment? — brick bigger
      3. What did mr.Davis tell them to do? — read instructions carefully
      4. What happened at the end of the last experiment? — the gate appear
    3. The game at the white-board:
      1. Show the New words: add, pour, drop (show)
      2. Ask for a volunteer (1-2)
      3. follow the instructions (take 1 spoon of red powder and pour it into the black powder)
    4. Song –
    5. Listen to the story “The explosion”
    6. Make up the questions (look at the TV)
    7. Ex. 3 – write in the book, after that, check from TV
    8. Song – Bon jovi — It’s my life
    9. Ex.4 – students read the text and do the exercise, then check in pairs
    10. WB, p.9, – together in class Ex.1 (do together, show on TV)
    11. WB, p.9, Ex.2 – aurally ( DO NOT SHOW THE ANSWERS on TV)


    • WB p.9 Ex.2,3
    • Учим и поем песню – Bon jovi — It’s my life

    Давайте учиться вместе!

    The gate to the time exploring
    Чем могут закончиться опыты, если не следовать инструкциям

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