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    Группа Д3 на 27.09.2019 пятница

    The Earth (and the continues).

    Движение - всегда в continues
    Если есть движение или изменяющийся процесс – используем progressive (continues)

    Продолжаем изучать нашу родную планету под названием Земля.

    План на урок:

    1. Announcement: Motivarius center’s gifts, holidays from 6.10 – 11.10
    2. For candy task: Warm-up: open PC browsers (homework review, Unit 2, Ex.1, Ex.2 – online from from PC screen (Opera, FireFox) )
    3. Homework – show Ex.3 (p.14) on the screen, PB p. 14 Ex.3 : use pdf – syllabus
    4. Grammar: Open SB, p. 15, Ex. 5 – describe simple and continues (simple: senses, thinking, feelings, belongings, but: I feel better / I’m feeling better). Have (have a dog, having a dinner) and think (I suppose/think, I’m thinking) – in both tenses
    5. Write on the board the sentences: John is learning Spanish. He knows it well. States: could be false or true (which verb is a state? – know), process – which one verb (learning)?
    6. Write on the board: He (want) to go to Argentina and so he (save) money for the trip.
    7. SB, Ex.6 – read and do the exercise
    8. Mini game (take the black file and put their a pen and a textbook, some you have and some you don’t need): I have in my bag … and I need that.
    9. SB, Corpus challenge – fix the mistake
    10. Bon Jovi – sing and quiz
    11. SB, Ex. 7 – write on the blackboard:
      1. write answers on the blackboard,
      2. ask question: Which countries are in the UK? (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)
        What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff)
        What language do they speak in Scotland? (English – very few people know Scottish Gaelic)
        What is the second biggest city in Britain? (Birmingham)
    12. CD 1.06listen and write the answers.
    13. Mini game (write down on the blackboard) – I spy…
    14. Sounds th, the: SB, Ex. 8, CD 1.07, 1.08
    15. For candy task: Online mini quiz/game: britishcouncil, cambridge.


    • SB – written SB, p. 148, Ex. 1,2,3
    • online Unit 2: vocabulary, grammar, reading

    Насыщенный урок, не так ли? Не хотите и вы попробовать? Тогда присоединяйтесь!

    Глаголы, которые в английском не используются в continies
    Чувства, обладание, размышления – глаголы в этих областях обычно не могут быть в форме continues

    P.S. С 06.10 по 11.10 – каникулы, занятий не будет


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