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    Spelling the address and email
    номер телефона, email – надо уметь быстро произносить

    Продолжаем изучать тему знакомств и как сообщить свои контактные данные, такие как email  номер телефона. Это бывает важно для своих одноклассников и знакомых.

    План на урок:

    • Alphabet (isn’t that easy?)
    • Does B sound like E or F? (E)
      Which sound have they both got? (iː).
    • Ex. 5: to complete the table.
    • The students stand in a circle and in turn repeat the letters of the alphabet forwards (A–Z) and backwards (Z–A). You then say a common sound like /eɪ/. The students continue saying the letters but the student who has to say a letter with that sound (for /eɪ/ it would be letters A/H/J/K) raise the hand.
    • We are reporters – 1: listen to the CD 1.5
    • We are reporters – 2: 3 questions to Finn, make them from (from the reporter to Finn):
      • __ you know Gabby and Dylan ___ how ___  ?
      • ___ to do this award__ you want ___ why?
      • ___ to do ___ what activities ___ you want?
      • and answer (in pairs)
    • Ex. 6, 7: read questions and listen for the answers: CD 1.5 again
    • Break – musical quiz (Sting – Shape of my heart)
    • Ex. 8: work in pairs: what is your… ? How do you spell it? (then write down)
    • Ex. 9: work in pairs (reporter and interviewer)
    • Break – musical pause (Bon Jovi – It’s my life)


    • WB, p.7 Ex. 4,5,6,7 (written)
    • Читать алфавит от A до Z и в обратном порядке как можно быстрее (будет мини тест на email spelling)
    • (Bon Jovi – It’s my life) – знать смысл и быстро петь с листа всю песню
    • (Sting – Shape of my heart)– петь песню без титров

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