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  • Group D3 10/22/2019, Tuesday

    She loved adventure.

    Далекие путешествияWhat we did in the lesson:

    • Break it up — Scooter (sing and know by heart)
    • Answer the questions:
      • What season comes after summer?
      • How do we pronounce the letter “k” at the beginning of the words starting from “kn”?
    • Open SB, p. 21, Ex. 6 – repeat after me:
      • New words
      •  Rules:
        • i) b is silent in mb, e.g. clim(b), bom(b), lam(b)
          ii) k is silent in kn, e.g. (k)now, (k)nife, (k)nee
          iii) n is silent in mn, e.g. autum(n), colum(n)
          iv) r is silent in British English if it is not before a vowel, e.g. ca(r), ho(r)se but rat
    • New song: Green Day — Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    • Grammar: Past simple. Open SB p.149 Subject Questions, read, find the subject:
      • Who helped you? My mom helped me. (verb in Past simple in the question to the S., no did)
      • Who did you help? I helped my sister. (verb in Present simple, with did)
    • SB p.149, Ex. 2 (orally)
    • SB p.21 Ex.7: 2 mins:
      • written in pairs: underline the past simple (in the question – the auxilary and the verb)
      • orally: find irregular verbs, give me two tenses (present – I-st form, past – II-nd form)
    • Gramma task for candy – britishcouncil
    • SB p.21 Ex. 9 – read and do in writing
    • SB, Grammar p. 149 – spelling the regular words, read
    • SB p.21 Ex.10 – read and write the answers
    • Rachel the traveller


    • written: SB, p.149 Ex.1 (grammar – past simple)
    • online LMS: Unit 3
      • Reading
      • Vocabulary 2
    • выучить и петь песню, будет mini-quiz : Green Day — Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    • смотреть и переводить миниролик: Rachel the traveller

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