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  • February 7th, 2020 (Friday)

    Six great websites for teenagers.

    In the lesson:

    • Homework checking:
      • SB p. 156 Ex. 2, 3 (written)
    • Warming-up:
      • students two minutes to write down things they:
        • love
        • and things they hate.
      • For example, I love singing in the shower. I hate waking up early.
    • The topic for today – Great websites for teenagers.
    • SB p. 60 Ex.1:
      • read
      • tick the sites you use
      • tell me why / why not
        • For example:
          I don’t like playing games much but there’s a great site for playing chess, www.chess.com.
          I don’t do that but I sometimes download new games.
    • Ex.2:
      • read
      • tell me what kind of things they do from the Ex.1
    • phrase master — 5 phrases for each
    •  Ex.3:
      • read silently
      • underline the key words
      • find the person from Ex. 2
        • Example:
          • first one together. Are any of these websites about the human body, animals and fun things to do online? (D – biology, wildlife, cool games).
      • answers:
        • 1 D human body, fun online / biology, wildlife, cool games
          2 B to become a writer, put my stories online, discuss ideas / for teenagers who love writing, share your work with others, message boards where you can chat
          3 C what is happening in the world, learn more about my favourite stars / daily news programme, articles about famous band
          4 A to help the planet, making short fi lms and want to share them / looking after the Earth, upload your 
    • SB p. 61 Ex. 4:
      • read new words
      • find the matchings
      • answers: 1 f 2 d 3 a 4 b 5 e 6 c
    • PS 4 – No roots (Alice Merton)
    • Ex. 5:
      • try to guess
      • Answers:
        You can save a document or other fi le on your computer so you don’t lose it.
        post a message or question on the internet for others to read.
        record music, video or pictures so you can watch or listen to them again.
        search for information online by typing a word into a box.
        upload a file from your computer onto a website.
        download a file from the internet to your computer.
    • Ex.6:
      • read and choose (silently)
    • PS4


    • LMS – Unit 10:
      • reading
      • vocabulary 2
    • written: SB p. 61 Ex. 6
    • Lera:


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