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    December, 10th, 2019 (Tuesday)

    I found some amazing silver jewellery!

    Алмазы и бриллианты - лучшие друзья

    At the lesson:

    • warm-up – mini-game:
      • I went to the shop and bought some“:
        • I went to the shop and bought some red apples.
          I went to the shop and bought some red apples and a silver ring.
          I went to the shop and bought some red apples, a silver ring and a wooden table.
    • Books closed – Let’s talk about the treasure (plural):
      • You find an old box with rings and necklaces in a field. Treasure!
      • They cost about 4 million euros today.
      • What do you think – where is the treasure from?
      • Then ask What are you going to do with the treasure?
        • Variants:
          • • ordinary people, archaeologists
            • in old ships under the water, in fi elds, in old buildings
            • pirates, people who wanted to keep it safe or keep it secret
            • movies: Harry Potter, The Count of
            Monte Cristo, Desert Island.
    • Open SB p.38 Ex.1 – Read and answer
    • Ex.2 – do you remember any treasure near you?
    • Ex.3:
      • new words
      • read (one time – one of the students)
    • Ex. 4:
      • read the questions
      • read the text again (the other student)
      • silently – write the right answer
        • 0 A (he looked for eighteen years)
          1 B (not far from his house)
          2 A (Fred and Terry couldn’t keep this national treasure)
          3 C (They shared more than three million pounds; with his half
          of the money)
          4 A (all from the 7th or 8th centuries)
          5 C (amazing)
          6 A (travelling exhibitions take pieces of the treasure)
          7 A (gives talks about how he found the treasure)
    • writing:
      • read PLAN
      • draw the object
      • write email to the museum, 25-30 words
    • PS4  – Let’s sing


    • LMS Unit 6:
      • Listening
      • Reading
    • songs:
      • Queen – We Will Rock You
      • Frank Sinatra – santa claus is coming to town
      • George Ezra – shotgun

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