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  • Практикум по выходным

    December 28th, 2019 (Friday, Christmas party)

    Merry Christmas! Let the party begin! background music: Our party plan: Santa Claus – Merry Christmas! Blind tests (chips) Blind tests (beverages) (tables out!) Party game – stack the glasses (one glass should be marked) Party game – move the skittlels with the straw Party game – throw the candy through your shoulder (two teams) PS4 – […]

    December 29th, 2019 (Sunday 17:00)

    Внимание! Практикум в воскресенье 29.12 пройдет в 17:00 Christmas coming! Christmas! Будут игры, танцы, песни, чаепитие. Много музыки и конкурсов. Приходите в 17:00 The World’s Most Magical Christmas Towns Christmas In America And In United Kingdom Is Very Different Christmas in New York – Top Things To Do Christmas at Disneyland Paris Christmas in London […]