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  • 2021 год – группа О3

    January 25th, Tuesday (2022)

    Life skills. Decision-making. In the lesson: HW: WB p.50: Ex.1,2,5 WB p.51 (Vocabulary): Ex.2 For extra point New words: to evaluate – оценивать options – варианты (выбора) decision – решение advantages – преимущества или плюсы to decide – решать to change mind – передумать to organise – упорядочивать, укладывать по полочкам thoughts [θɔ:ts] – мысли […]

    December 28th, Tuesday (2021)

    Grammar – Past Perfect. In the lesson: HW: New words!  WB: p.44 Ex.1, 2 p.45 Ex.3 For extra point: Choose some story from Justin Beaber’ insta: https://www.instagram.com/justinbieber/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=8afec47e-d34c-4769-8d25-6118e2657f88 write 5 sentences Red nosed reindeer Today’s topic – Past Perfect (timeline, main action- main action, add action, before, after, add point of time, main point of time!, […]

    December 17th, Friday (2021)

    Grammar, listening. In the lesson: HW: New words! p.40 Ex.2,3 for extra point: Watch the movie “Descendants” – Наследники 5 sentences about the climax of the story Today’s topic – Grammar (all conditional rules!!!): Zero (fact) – When, if = “настоящее” When/If present + comma + present Present + when/if present First conditional (future, prediction […]