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  • April 14th, Tuesday (2020)

    Our dreams.

    In the lesson:

    • warm-up:
      • Answer (or guess – false or true and why):
        • It has never snowed in Australia.
        • No one has ever travelled to Mars.
        • A teenager has never climbed Mount Everest.
        • Nobody has ever walked from London to Paris.
        • An animal has never learned English.
    • SB p. 78 Ex.1:
      • what’s on the pictures?
      • read the questions and match to the pictures
    • Ex. 2:
      • Ask your partner the questions from Ex.1
    • Now write down 2 additional questions in Ex. book and ask
    • SB p. 79 Ex.4:
      • read the verbs
      • give me three forms: present, past, past participle


    • LMS: Unit 13
      • Vocabulary 2
      • Listening
    • Lear by heart all three forms:
      • be was/were been
        break broke broken
        dream dreamt dreamt
        eat ate eatten
        fall felt felt
        forget forgot forgotten
        grow grew gronw
        lend lent lent
        meet met met
        ride rode ridden
        sell sold sold
        wear wore worn
    • song Rise:


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